MINI SOF "Raw caramel soft serve"

"Raw caramel soft serve" with a rich caramel sauce will be released on December 17th from "MINI SOF", a store specializing in soft serve ice cream at MINISTOP. The price is 490 yen (tax included, same below).

Raw caramel soft serve

"Raw caramel soft serve" is a sweet that is unique to MINI SOF, which is a combination of warm and melty caramel sauce and soft serve vanilla. Served with a finishing sauce in front of you. A dish that you can enjoy a lively feeling that melts.

MINI SOF "Raw caramel soft serve"

Nomu soft serve ice cream raw caramel

In addition, "Nomu Soft Cream Raw Caramel" is also available. We mixed plenty of caramel sauce based on soft serve vanilla and Hokkaido special milk. To finish off, top the sugar-free whipped cream with plenty of caramel sauce. It has a rich and rich taste. The price is 490 yen. * Use cold caramel sauce

MINI SOF "Nomu Soft Cream Raw Caramel"

Fruit juice orange & yogurt

"Fruit Juice Orange & Yogurt" is also available. I mixed 100% fruit juice orange juice and frozen oranges. The sweetness and umami are so sweet! A smoothie-type drink packed with. Topped with unsweetened yogurt and mixed to give it a mellow taste. The price is 430 yen.

MINI SOF "Fruit Juice Orange & Yogurt"