First Kitchen "Enjoy Winter Kids Set"
(The source of the image is the official website of First Kitchen)

It was announced on the official website that the "Enjoy Winter Kids Set", where you can get special toys when you order, has appeared in First Kitchen and Wendy's First Kitchen. It will be available at kids set stores from December 16th, 2021 to January 31st, 2022. It will end as soon as the goods run out.

Enjoy Winter Kids Set

A total of 10 types are available, including toys that allow multiple people to enjoy winter indoors and outdoors, and traditional Japanese toys that are nostalgic and interesting. It is said to be suitable for the year-end and New Year holidays when families gather. The contents are as follows.

・ Shining !! Crackling hands ・ Snowman with a glowing stick ・ Pounding! Galaxy Korokoro Castle Balance Game Elephant's Sena, Country Stealing Game, Mongol800 Shooting Game, Kite (Kite)
・ Daruma Otoshi ・ Paper fusen winding & bamboo dragonfly

The amount and selling price of the Enjoy Winter Kids Set patties and potatoes will differ between First Kitchen and Wendy's First Kitchen. First Kitchen is 590 yen (tax included, same below), Wendy's First Kitchen is 620 yen.