Ministop "Special Pistachio Cake"

At Ministop, Christmas products "Grand Koro Koro Chestnut Pure White Cake," "Special Pistachio Cake," "Special Chocolate Cake," and "Special Strawberry Shortcake" will be released on December 17th. "Shrimp and avocado dish salad," "raw ham dish salad," and "ice cake strawberry shortcake" will also be released in sequence.

Pure white cake of chestnuts

The popular "Korokoro Chestnut Pure White Cake" released in September is now about 1.3 times larger. It is a Christmas reward sweet that you can enjoy fluffy cream and chestnuts luxuriously. No. 3 (diameter about 9 cm) size that can be enjoyed by one person or two or three people. The price is 453 yen (tax included, same below).

Ministop "Grand Around Chestnut Pure White Cake"

Special pistachio cake

A cake that combines popular pistachios and milk chocolate. Raspberry sauce is the accent of the taste. The price is 507 yen.

Ministop "Special Pistachio Cake"

Special chocolate cake

A dish for chocolate lovers that combines rich Belgian chocolate mousse and fluffy cocoa sponge. The price is 550 yen.

Ministop "Special Chocolate Cake"

Special strawberry shortcake

A cake with a moist sponge and plenty of whipped cream containing pure raw Hokkaido. The price is 561 yen.

Ministop "Special Strawberry Shortcake"

Shrimp and avocado dish salad

A Christmas-like salad with 3 shrimp, mellow avocado, colorful boiled eggs and paprika. The price is 321 yen. Released on December 21st (December 14th in Kyushu).

Ministop "Shrimp and Avocado Dish Salad"

Prosciutto dish salad

Luxuriously topped with prosciutto on potato and macaroni salad with cheese sauce. The price is 321 yen. Released on December 21st (December 14th in Kyushu).

Ministop "Prosciutto ham dish salad"

Ice cake strawberry shortcake

Christmas-like ice cream with creamy whipped cream and sweet and sour strawberries. The price is 216 yen. Released on December 21st.

Ministop "Ice Cake Strawberry Shortcake"