Dessert using Washoku SATO "fresh strawberries"

Six kinds of strawberry desserts using "fresh strawberries" are available at Washoku SATO each store. "Glittering Strawberry Parfait", "Strawberry Dolce", "Strawberry Mountain", "Mini Strawberry Daifuku", "Strawberry Jure Ponchi" and "Fresh Strawberry" will be on sale from December 16th.

Glittering strawberry parfait

Washoku SATO "glittering strawberry parfait"

A seasonal parfait using fresh strawberry, strawberry jelly, frozen strawberry dice, special strawberry bean paste, strawberry sauce, and crispy strawberry chocolate sauce. The price is 658 yen (tax included, same below).

Strawberry Dolce

Washoku SATO "Strawberry Dolce"

Dolce with Shiratama Dango, Yukimi Daifuku, and Frozen Strawberry Dice. You can enjoy various textures such as chewy and crunchy. The price is 438 yen.

Strawberry Mountain

Washoku SATO "Strawberry Mountain"

A new dessert with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream dome, fresh strawberries and frozen strawberry dice. It's a cute dish that looks like a cake. The price is 438 yen.

Mini strawberry daifuku

Washoku SATO "mini strawberry daifuku"

Mini size strawberry daifuku. The price is 328 yen.

Strawberry Jure Punch

Washoku SATO "Strawberry Jureponchi"

The price is 328 yen.

Fresh strawberry

Washoku SATO "fresh strawberries"

The price is 328 yen.