Kyotaru “Edomae sushi assortment”
(All images are from the Kyotaru official website)

It is introduced on the official website that reservations for "Edomae sushi assortment" are accepted for large groups in Kyotaru. "Upper nigiri", "nigiri" and "special nigiri" are available.

Kyotaru “Edomae sushi assortment”

Kyotaru Edomae sushi assortment top nigiri

"Kamigiri" is a set of tuna with fatty tuna. The selling price is 5,000 yen for 3 servings (tax included, same below) and 7,600 yen for 5 servings.

Kyotaru Edomae sushi assortment nigiri

"Nigiri" is available as a lower priced set. The selling price is 3,000 yen for 3 people and 5,600 yen for 5 people.

Kyotaru Edomae sushi assortment special rice balls

"Specialty Nigiri" is a set with a large fatty tuna. The selling price is 6,000 yen for 3 servings and 8,600 yen for 5 servings.

The contents may change depending on the season. You can also adjust your favorite assortment. Depending on the sales situation, sales may be suspended without notice. In addition, some stores are not available. For details, you are instructed to contact each store. Store information can be searched from the official website of Kyotaru.