Kura Sushi "Extremely Aged Nodoguro (Consistent)" "Domestic Natural Torafugu (Consistent)"

At each Kura Sushi store, "Extremely Aged Nodoguro (Consistent)", which is considered to be "luxury fish," will be on sale from December 17th, and "Domestic Natural Torafugu (Consistent)" will be on sale for a limited time from December 22nd. In addition, as a "all-store infection control completion" fair, "Extreme Aged Nakatoro (Consistent)" on the lane that entered "Antibacterial Sushi Cover Freshness-kun" will be offered for a limited time at a half price of 110 yen.

Extremely aged blackthroat seaperch (consistent)

Kura Sushi "Extreme Aged Nodoguro (Consistent)"

Carefully selected large domestic blackthroat seaperch with good greasiness. It is generally served by heating, such as roasting, but in Kura Sushi, it is provided as "raw" material because it is landed and processed in Japan and transported to the store in a fresh state. You can enjoy the sweetness of high-quality fat that melts in your mouth, which is unique to raw foods, and the original umami of Nodoguro, which is brought out to the maximum by our unique aging process. The price is 220 yen. The sale period is from December 17th to December 21st.

Domestic natural tiger blowfish (consistent)

Kura Sushi "Domestic Natural Torafugu (Consistent)"

Supervised by a long-established fishery company that has been in business for about 100 years in Shimonoseki, the production center of blowfish. Natural torafugu, which is highly rare and can be traded for 10,000 yen or more per kg in the market, is offered at a reasonable price of 220 yen. A dish that you can fully enjoy the moderate texture unique to nature and the umami of blowfish that overflows as you chew. The sale period is from December 22nd to December 26th.

In addition, the new menu to be released on December 17 is as follows.

Tokumori spilled snow crab nigiri

Kura Sushi "Tokumori Spilled Snow Crab Nigiri"

The crab meat, whose flavor is condensed by a special processing method, is used abundantly so that it sticks out of the rice. The toppings are accented with a tiny texture, making it a gorgeous product. The price is 220 yen. The sale period is from December 17th to December 26th.

Carefully selected warships (consistent)

Kura Sushi "Carefully Selected Sea Urchin Warship (Consistent)"

Since the food additive "alum", which is generally used to prevent the shape of sea urchin, is not used at all, there is no bitterness and you can enjoy the original rich flavor of sea urchin. The price is 110 yen. The sale period is from December 17th to December 26th.

Shrimp heaven 3 times thick roll

Kura Sushi "Shrimp Ten 3x Extra Thick Roll"

The popular shrimp heaven hand-wound has been upgraded and is now available. Three shrimp heavens, which are fried in the store and have a hot and crispy texture, are used, which is three times as much as usual. In addition, the rich shrimp mayonnaise is also a hearty product that has been used more than usual. The price is 220 yen. The sale period is from December 17th to December 26th.

New Year's Eve Okayama Yellowtail Udon

Kura Sushi "New Year's Eve Okayama Yellowtail Udon"

A dish of yellowtail teriyaki, which is also a local dish of Okayama prefecture, arranged in udon noodles. It is characterized by its elegant taste, in which the flavor of yellowtail is blended into the rich soup stock. The price is 450 yen. The sale period is from December 17th to January 6th, 2022.

"Completion of infection control measures at all stores" fair

Kura Sushi "Antibacterial Sushi Cover Freshness-kun"

At Kura Sushi, the "non-contact service" that allows customers and employees to eat without facing each other from entering to leaving the store was introduced to all stores in Japan on December 17th. In addition, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the introduction of our unique sushi cover "Antibacterial Sushi Cover Freshness-kun" that protects sushi not only from freshness but also from bacteria and viruses in the air. To commemorate this, the "Extreme Aged Nakatoro (Consistent)" in the "Antibacterial Sushi Cover Freshness-kun" flowing on the lane will be offered for a limited time at a half price of 110 yen.

Extremely matured Toro (consistent)

Kura Sushi "Extreme Aged Nakatoro (Consistent)"

Carefully selected the parts of the fatty tuna that have good fat riding. By adding our own aging technology, it is a discerning dish that brings out the umami even more. The regular price is 220 yen. During the period from December 17th to December 26th, only the products on the lane will be offered at half price of 110 yen.

* Prices are different at some stores.
* If you order "Extremely Aged Toro (Consistent)" from the touch panel, "Half price" is not applicable.