Spaghetti Pancho "Dark Steunapo"

Spaghetti Pancho will release a combination of cream stew and Napolitan "Dark Stew Napo" on December 16th. The price is average size 920 yen. Large serving free. Winter limited menu (scheduled to end at the end of January 2022).

Dark stew napo

"Situnapo" is a winter specialty that is very popular every year. The combination of cream stew and Napolitan is sure to be addictive once you eat it. The mellow cream and the thick, thick noodles are intertwined. Make the cream even richer this year. The rich richness of 100% Tokuno pure fresh cream from Hokkaido relaxes the body and mind that tend to be stiff in the cold season.

The sales stores are as follows.

Spaghetti Pancho: Shibuya store, Kichijoji store, Akihabara store, Akihabara Showa-dori exit store, Omiya store, Shinjuku store, Shinjuku south exit store, Okachimachi store, Plena Makuhari store, Kamata store, Shimbashi store, Yodobashi Yokohama store, Kashiwa store, 246 Support store, Fuji store, Osaka Namba store, Kagoshima Ujuku store, Hakata bus terminal store, Ohashi station Naka store, VIERRA Ogura store, Kumamoto station Naka store, Ofuna store, Ario Kameari store

Kitchen Pancho: Hiratsuka store, Mosaic Mall Kohoku store, AEON MALL Kofu Showa store, Tottori store

* Sagamihara store and Joetsu interchange store are not eligible for provision.