Myojo Foods "Myojo Noodle God Cup Noka Chicken Plain Hot Water"

"Myojo Noodle God Cup Noka Chicken Plain Hot Water" is now available from Myojo Foods as a new flavor of cup ramen. It will be on sale nationwide from January 10, 2022. The estimated price is 230 yen (excluding tax) per piece.

Myojo Noodle God Cup Noka Chicken Plain Hot Water

One of the "Myojo Noodle God" series that was fully renewed in September. This series features ultra-thick, chewy noodles and a rich and fragrant soup that you can eat at a famous ramen shop by using the "noodle dense mochiri manufacturing method" that combines the unique drying technology of Meisei Foods. It has been with.

Myojo Noodle God Cup Even in the dark chicken plain hot water, ultra-thick, tight and chewy noodles are used. This time, salted koji is further kneaded in to enhance the taste of the noodles. In addition, the noodles are made with a dense and chewy texture, which gives them a chewy texture.

The soup is chicken plain hot water with backfat, which is made by adding flavored vegetables to the rich flavor of chicken. By adding the attached seasoning, "A drop of dark scent," the chicken's umami and aroma are further expanded, and it is said that it goes well with ultra-thick noodles. Kayaku is a combination of steamed chicken and diagonally cut green onions.