Simple recipe for "tofu mochi"

Here are three "tofu recipes" that you can make with a microwave that were delicious when the En-eating editorial department actually made them. "Meat tofu", "Soy milk hot tofu", "Tofu mochi". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Meat tofu in the microwave

"Meat tofu" that warms from the stomach. I don't have time to simmer! On such a busy day, we recommend " Meat tofu in the microwave ", which you can throw in a microwave and make it quickly. The tofu is tight and well-stained, and the sweetness and umami of the fat is so gentle that you can chew the meat.

Meat tofu in the recipe range "

Soy milk yudofu

You can make it immediately with tofu and soy milk! Here is a recipe for " soy milk yudofu " that is easy because you just chin it in the microwave. It's a simple recipe that makes you happy when you're feeling tired or on a diet. If you like, you may add more toppings such as scissors to increase the volume!

"Soy milk yudofu" recipe

Tofu mochi

Introducing a simple recipe for " tofu mochi " that allows you to enjoy the mellow sweetness and chewy texture of tofu. Just mix the two ingredients and microwave them! I think it's delicious not only with soybean flour but also with black honey or azuki beans.

Simple recipe for "tofu mochi"