Beard Papa "Beard Papa 2022 Lucky Bag"

Introducing the 2022 lucky bags together. Check out all the gourmet lucky bags of Tsukiji Gindaco, Cinnabon, Standard Coffee, Caffarel, and Beard Papa's!

Tsukiji Gindaco

At Tsukiji Gindaco, " Great deals !! Lucky bags ", "Anyway deals !! Lucky bags" and "Most great deals !! Lucky bags" will be on sale in limited quantities. Takoyaki voucher, Takomeshinomoto, 100 yen discount coupon, "Gindaco stamp card" 1 stamp gift voucher set.

Tsukiji Gindaco "Great deals !! Lucky bag"


It was announced on the official website that " 2022 Lucky Bag " is now on sale at Cinnabon only for over-the-counter reservations. "A set", "B set" and "C set" are prepared.

Cinnabon "2022 lucky bag"

Standard coffee

" Fun lucky bag HAPPYBAG " and "Blend coffee ticket" with special price for the beginning of the year will appear in Standard Coffee. It will be handled from January 4th to 16th, 2022. Some stores will be sold in advance from the 2nd.

"Fun lucky bag HAPPY BAG" for Standard Coffee


From Caffarel, a chocolate lucky bag " Happy Winter Bag " is now available. "Happy Winter Bag 5000" and "Happy Winter Bag 10000" will be on sale at the official Caffarel online shop, and "Happy Winter Bag 2500" and "Happy Winter Bag 5000" will be on sale at the Gransta Tokyo store.

Caffarel "Happy Winter Bag"

Beard Daddy

" Beard Papa's 2022 Lucky Bag " will be on sale in limited quantities at Beard Papa's. A great lucky bag with an original tote bag, a special discount ticket that can be used by Beard Papa's nationwide, and "pie cream puff (custard)" and "luxury strawberry shoe".

Beard Papa "Beard Papa 2022 Lucky Bag"