Made in Pierre Hermé "Karinto"

"Karinto" is on sale from "Made in Pierre Hermé", which sends the wonderful things of Japan selected by the pastry chef Pierre Hermé to the world. A dish using domestic flour, brown sugar, and sesame seeds. The price is 810 yen.


The thinly baked "Karinto" is a dish that you can feel the gentle sweetness of wheat flour every time you chew. It's a snack that you just eat with the aroma of sesame seeds. It is recommended to enjoy it with "Shimanto River Headwaters Tea Sencha" and "Shimanto River Headwaters Tea Hojicha".

"Shimanto River Headwaters Tea Sencha (1,404 yen)" and "Shimanto River Headwaters Tea Hojicha (1,404 yen)" are teas grown in a tea plantation at the headwaters of the Shimanto River at an altitude of 600 m, surrounded by clean water and clear air. .. Thanks to the moderate temperature difference and the natural veil caused by the generation of fog, the sunlight is blocked appropriately, and the tea has a mellow taste with a lot of umami ingredients.

Made in Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé, a pastry chef who builds a "world of taste, sensibility, and joy" with the motto "only the joy of taste is the only guideline", chose Japan as the first store of his own brand. He is deeply involved and has visited producers all over Japan every time he visits Japan, incorporating yuzu, wasabi, Japanese tea, etc. into his own creations. "Made in Pierre Hermé" is a brand that sends the wonderful things of Japan that he has selected from Japan to the world.