Sushiro "Toro-Ritaka Fondant Chocolat" "Pistachio Pistachio Mont Blanc Parfait"

At Sushiro, "Toro-Ritaka Fondant Chocolat" and "Pistachio Pistachio Mont Blanc Parfait" will be on sale for a limited time.

Toro ~~ Rika Fondant Chocolat

Sushiro "Toro-Ritaka Fondant Chocolat"

This year's "Toro-Ritaka Fondant Chocolat" has a more bitter taste, and the amount of ganache sauce inside has been increased. For the ganache sauce, we used couverture chocolate and fresh cream to enjoy the original taste of cacao, and it was finished so that you can enjoy the rich taste of chocolate with a deeper richness.

Sold from December 13th. The price is 220 yen (tax included). No To go.

Pistachio Mont Blanc Parfait

The base pistachio ice cream and mousse are roasted pistachio from Sicily, Italy, using a fragrant pistachio paste. Plenty of milk is added to enhance the pistachio flavor.

Sushiro "Pistachio Pistachio Mont Blanc Parfait"

In addition, the pistachio Mont Blanc cream, which has a nice texture, is squeezed in the store to give it a fluffy texture. Inside the parfait is a bright red berry sorbet with plenty of raspberry puree and blackcurrant juice. The sourness of the berries is an accent, and it goes well with pistachios. A gorgeous parfait with the gentle nutty flavor of pistachio that fills your mouth.

Sold from December 13th. The price is 363 yen (tax included). No To go.