Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory "Starry Sky Cake"

The Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory sells "Starry Sky Cake" only at Haneda Airport domestic flights. The price is 2,160 yen (tax included, same below).

Starry sky cake

"Starry sky cake" is a cake made by wrapping a two-layered cream with a ganache layer using Belgian chocolate and a brulee layer using Hokkaido cream in a crispy cookie dough. With the image of a starry sky in the middle of winter when an airplane takes off, gold leaf and silver leaf are glaringly treated on the surface. This is a special cake presented by the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory only at this time of year. The popular "Starry Sky Cake" will be available in limited quantities every year.

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory "Starry Sky Cake"

Cow Cow Starry Sky Sunday

In addition, "Cow Cow Starry Sky Sunday" is also newly released. Creamy and rich milk-flavored premium ice cream with Hokkaido jersey milk and hidden mascarpone, Haneda Airport limited cake "Hoshizora no Cake" and freshly shaved cheddar cheese added and baked at the store Luxuriously topped with waffles. A luxurious gem with coffee sauce on the finish. The price is 972 yen. Limited to Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Tokusen Yogashikan.

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory "Cow Cow Starry Sky Sunday"