Recipe "Marvo Pumpkin"

Here are three Marvo recipes that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Marvo Konjac", "Marvo Pumpkin", "Nameko Mapo Tofu". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article.

Marvo konjac

Introducing a simple recipe for " Marbo Konjac ," which is an arrangement of the classic Marbo tofu. You can enjoy a new taste that is different from when you make it with tofu. Thanks to the punchy flavor of konjac and doubanjiang, there is no fishy odor peculiar to konjac. You can fully enjoy the taste and richness of the meat.

Simple recipe for "Marbo Konjac"

Marvo pumpkin

The spicy spiciness is appetizing! Introducing the recipe for " Marbo Pumpkin ". Hokuhoku Sweet pumpkin and juicy minced meat are entwined with a sweet and spicy Chinese-style sauce. Every time you chew from minced meat, juicy umami exudes.

Recipe "Marvo Pumpkin"

Nameko Mapo Tofu

Here is a simple recipe for " Nameko Mapo Tofu " that you can make without using a kitchen knife. Thanks to the slimy texture peculiar to nameko, it has a smooth texture without adding potato starch. The aroma of ginger and garlic has a slightly spicy aftertaste.

Simple recipe of "Nameko Mapo Tofu"