McDonald's "McDonald's lucky bag 2022"

Introducing the 2022 lucky bags together. McDonald's, Taiwan Jin Shoten, Pan & (Pand), Minimal, IKEA. * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.


" McDonald's lucky bag 2022 " will be released by McDonald's. A special collaboration product with the popular brand "Manhattan Portage".

McDonald's "McDonald's lucky bag 2022"

Taiwan Jin Shoten

The 2022 " Happiness Bag " will be sold at Taiwanese bags nationwide. Includes "Jin Castella", "Raw Tapioca Drink 1 Half Price Ticket", "Wanhua Pineapple Cake (Wanhua Homemade Pineapple Cake)", and "Taiwanese Tea 1 Pack".

"Happiness bag" of Taiwan bag in 2022

Pan &

The second pre-order sale of the 2022 lucky bags " Pan & Lucky Bag 2022 " and "Pan & Deluxe Lucky Bag 2022" will start at Pan &'s official online store.

2022 lucky bag "Pan & lucky bag 2022"


Seven kinds of "lucky bags" have appeared from Minimal --Bean to Bar Chocolate- (minimal). " Minimal lucky bag A set " "Minimal lucky bag B set" "Minimal lucky bag C set" "Minimal lucky bag D set" "Minimal lucky bag E set" "Minimal lucky bag F set" "Minimal lucky bag G set" will be prepared.


" Fukubukuro 2022 " is now available from IKEA. IKEA Harajuku, IKEA Shibuya, and IKEA Shinjuku have "City Shop Limited Lucky Bags" and "City Shop Limited Food Bags", and other stores have "Storage & Sustainable Bags", "Popular Food Bags" and "Sustainable Food Bags".

IKEA "lucky bag 2022"