Sushiro "Gogunibo Chinese Soba"

At Sushiro, the rich niboshi ramen "Gogunibo Chuka Soba" supervised by the popular ramen shop "Nagao Chuka Soba" in Aomori and Tsugaru will be released on December 13th. The price is 385 yen (tax included).

Gogunibo Chinese Soba

The collaboration with the popular ramen shop "Nagao Chuka Soba" in Aomori and Tsugaru was realized because the product development staff from Aomori Prefecture fell in love with the taste of Nagao Chuka Soba and wanted to spread the local taste nationwide. Through trial and error, "Gogunibo Chinese Soba" has been finished with a rich taste that firmly feels the sardines that Nagao Chinese Soba is particular about.

Sushiro "Gogunibo Chinese Soba"

The soup is based on pork bones and uses carefully selected high-quality dried sardines. Plenty of dried bonito flakes are added, and it is often entwined with Sushiro's medium-thick noodles.

* Sales may be suspended without notice depending on the sales situation.
* Items and prices may differ at some stores.
* Cannot be taken out.

Nagao Chinese soba

After 10 years of training at a Chinese restaurant, it opened in May 2004 in Aomori Prefecture, a fierce battleground for dried sardines. It features a rich soup that is made by collecting carefully selected dried sardines from all over the country and blending them in the original ratio and composition.