Recipe "Buri Steak with Negi Sauce

We introduce three "Buri Recipes" that were actually tried and delicious by the En-En-Eating editorial staff. The recipes are "Buri Steak with Negi Sauce", "Buri and Potato with Kimchi", and "Nama Cha Buri Shabu". Click on each recipe name to go to the detailed recipe article.

Buri Steak with Negi Sauce

Buri Steak with Negi Sauce" is a recipe that will make even the pickiest of eaters fall in love with Buri. It's plump, juicy, and delicious, and you won't be able to get rid of it in a single serving! The flavor and umami from the garlic and green onions is exquisite! I can't stop eating it!

Recipe "Buri Steak with Negi Sauce

Buri and Potato Stewed with Kimchi

This is a recipe for " Buri and Potato Stewed with Kimchi" combining yellowtail fillet, potato, kimchi, and chives. You can enjoy the texture of moist yellowtail and crispy kimchi, as well as the punchy flavor of chives. The sesame oil adds a savory flavor that will keep your chopsticks going. Try it if you are tired of eating Buri in Japanese style.

Recipe for "Buri and Potatoes in Kimchi

Namaicha Buri Shabu

This is a secret recipe to make shabu-shabu with "raw tea " instead of regular broth. The fishy smell disappears, and you don't feel heavy even if you eat a lot of fatty yellowtail. I think I'm going to be addicted to this dish because it is even more delicious than I expected.

Recipe "Nama Chaburi-shabu" (Fresh Tea Buri Shabu)