Bourbon "Luxury Rumando Royal Milk Tea"

Bourbon will release "Luxury Rumando Royal Milk Tea" on December 14th. 9 bottles per bag, price is open. Available at convenience stores, mass retailers, drug stores, retail stores, and shops nationwide.

Luxury rumando royal milk tea

A crepe cookie that maximizes the gorgeous aroma and taste of Sri Lankan Uva tea, one of the "three major teas in the world". The royal milk tea paste, which is made by slowly boiling black tea leaves and milk, is kneaded into the dough and baked, and is carefully folded over and over again.

Uva black tea is also used in the cream that wraps the dough, combining a gorgeous aroma with a gentle, rich milk flavor. You can enjoy the sweet and refreshing aroma of Uva black tea that spreads with a crispy texture and the mellow and deep taste of milk tea cream.