Bourbon 2022 Valentine's Day Products

Bourbon will release Valentine's Day products on December 14th. The price is open.

Disney Alfort Assort VD

A sweet that combines biscuits with whole wheat flour and chocolate. Contains 6 pieces each of milk chocolate, strawberry chocolate, and bitter chocolate, for a total of 18 pieces. Disney characters are designed on the chocolate, and there are 9 types of patterns in all. I'm looking forward to seeing which character is in it after opening it.

Bourbon "Disney Alfort Assorted VD"

Assorted gifts

A wrapping gift that can be given as it is. Six kinds of chocolates such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse face chocolates are packed. Available in 6 and 12 pieces.

Bourbon "Assorted Gifts"

Fan seat truffle

Truffle chocolate in a cube-shaped package of about 8 cm.

Bourbon "Fan Seat Truffle"

Bitkoku Milk SP

A small but authentic chocolate grain. A milk-flavored and smooth cream is trapped in the middle of milk chocolate. A cute package with a heart motif.

Bourbon "Bitkoku Milk SP"

Jaga chocolate party pack

Large size party specification of "Jaga chocolate". Enjoy the exquisite taste of salty potato snacks and chocolate. Assorted white, chocolate and strawberry milk flavors.

Bourbon "Jaga Chocolate Party Pack"

Alfort Assort

Big size specification of "Alfort" which is popular for the harmony of chocolate and biscuits. Assorted 4 types of milk, strawberry, vanilla white and rich milk.

Bourbon "Alfort Assort"

Petit bear sweets house

A set that allows you to make a "candy house" from biscuits, wafers, chocolate, etc. On the side of the package, we designed a petite bear that can be cut and played. From the 2D code printed on the package, you can see a video of how to make it and the "house" made by everyone.

Bourbon "Petit bear sweets house"

Petit bear sweets

A set that allows you to make "sweets" with biscuits, wafers, chocolate, etc. From the 2D code, you can watch a video of how to make it and the "Densha" made by everyone.

Bourbon "Petit bear sweets Densha"