Kasugai Confectionery "Hoshino Konpeito"

From Kasugai Confectionery, a limited number of konpeito "Hoshinokonpeito", which is based on the image of the item "Hoshino Fragment" that appears in the Nintendo Switch game "Animal Crossing: New Clothes", is now available. It will be released sequentially from December 16th at 7-ELEVEN.

Hoshino Konpeito

Kasugai Confectionery expresses the sweet and delicious three flavors of konpeito, the item "Hoshino Fragment" that appears in the game of "Animal Crossing: New Clothes". Assorted sugar, grape and apple flavors (not all types may be included). The content is 32g (1.13oz) and the price is 149 yen (tax included).

The production period of konpeito is about one month. In a rotating kettle with a slope, sugar crystals are used as the core, and when the melted sugar syrup is sprinkled in layers little by little while heating, the sticky honey of sugar gradually reveals naturally protruding horns. .. In order to make this corner beautifully, the conditions such as the temperature in the factory, the temperature of the rotary kettle, the tilt angle, the rotation speed, the amount of molasses to be turned, and the intuition of the craftsman who constantly controls them well are relied on. With the intuition and skill of craftsmen cultivated over many years, transparent konpeito is made.

* If not available at some stores, the release date may differ.

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