Acecook "Soup Harusame NEWSTAR Korean-style Malatang No Animal Ingredients"

"Soup Harusame NEWSTAR Korean-style Malatang Zero Animal Ingredients" will be released by Acecook as a new flavor of cup soup. It will be available nationwide from January 3, 2022, and the estimated price is 167 yen (excluding tax).

Soup Harusame NEWSTAR Korean-style Malatang No animal ingredients

New in the "Soup Harusame" series. It is made with zero animal ingredients while retaining the stimulating spiciness and taste of "Malatang".

The noodles are smooth and chewy with vermicelli. We are particular about the good compatibility with soup. The rehydration time is 3 minutes. The soup is based on miso, soy sauce and gochujang, and is finished with the umami of garlic and ginger flavored vegetables. Kayaku is made with soybean soboro, which has a nice texture, colorful green onions, and chili peppers made only from Korea.

The package expresses a full-fledged spicy atmosphere with a large copy of "Zero Animal Raw Materials". It has been launched as a cup suitable for the beginning of the new year.