Ministop "Toyonoka Condensed Milk Strawberry Parfait"

At Ministop, the popular fruit parfait "Toyonoka Condensed Milk Strawberry Parfait" that uses 100% Toyonoka and "Tokumori Strawberry Parfait" that doubles the strawberry pulp will be on sale.

Toyoka condensed milk strawberry parfait

Available at Ministop stores in Japan from December 10th. In recent years, "Strawberry Parfait", which is sold seasonally from winter to spring, is also a popular item in the Ministop parfait series. Like last year, the flesh also uses plenty of strawberries from the sauce. This year's sauce is smoother and more colorful than last year, and the balance with the strawberry pulp has been improved.

Excellent compatibility with Ministop's proud soft serve vanilla. Finally, by topping with condensed milk that goes well with strawberries, it is finished with a good balance of acidity and sweetness.

Ministop "Toyonoka Condensed Milk Strawberry Parfait"

The price of "Toyonoka Condensed Milk Strawberry Parfait" is 398 yen (tax included). The calorie is 173 kcal.

Tokumori Strawberry Parfait

Ministop "Tokumori Strawberry Parfait"

The luxurious "Tokumori Strawberry Parfait", which doubles the strawberry pulp, will also be on sale at the same time. The price is 578 yen (tax included). The calorie is 255 kcal.