KINOKUNIYA "Cheesecake Rusk"

KINOKUNIYA's "Cheesecake Rusk Plain" is a real food review. A cheesecake made into rusks and sugar-coated to finish.

Cheesecake Rusk Plain

A cheesecake made from Edam cheese, Parmesan cheese, and two types of cheese, made into rusks over 4 hours, and sugar-coated one by one. The price was 540 yen (tax included) for 6 pieces. The package is yellow. In addition to "plain", there is also "chocolate".

KINOKUNIYA "Cheesecake Rusk"

Cheesecake Rusk Plain I tried it

The texture is crispy. Since the base is a cake, the finish is not too hard for a rusk, and it is delicately unraveled in the mouth. A new texture that is different from cookies.

KINOKUNIYA "Cheesecake Rusk"

It is also characteristic that the richness of the cheese spreads softly along with the lips. The sweetness of the sugar coating gradually works, giving it a rich aftertaste. It goes well with black coffee!

It has a unique taste and is not bulky and light, so it can be used as a small gift. If you like cheese sweets, give it a try!