Kanro "Kinako Mochiame"

"Kinako Mochi Ame" will appear as a confectionery that has a seasonal feeling unique to the winter season from Kanro. Kinako-flavored candy contains chewy contents, and you can enjoy a two-step texture. It will be available nationwide from December 7th. The content is 65g (2.29oz) and the estimated price is 216 yen (tax included).

Kanro Kinako Mochiame

Kanro "Kinako Mochiame"

A flavor designed to be enjoyable during the year-end and New Year holidays at home. It is devised so that you can enjoy the taste of "kinako" and the texture reminiscent of "mochi", which are often eaten during the year-end and New Year holidays as auspicious foods.

The outside is a hard candy with a kinako flavor, and when you put it in your mouth, the contents of the chewy texture using glutinous flour appear from the inside, and you can enjoy the change in texture. In addition, the flavor is finished in a gentle sweetness with a slight milky feeling.

The kinako mochi candy package has a simple and impact-oriented design that makes the kinako mochi that grows "mochimochi-n" appeal to the appetite.