"Marie Biscuit Shortcake" Recipe

At home for Christmas! Here are three Christmas recipes that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Easy Stollen with hot cake mix" "Trifle" "Marie biscuit shortcake". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article.

Easy Stollen with pancake mix

Introducing the recipe for " Easy Stollen made with pancake mix ". It doesn't last as long as the original Stollen, but it's very easy to bake without failure, so you may want to make it as many times as you want by Christmas!

"Easy Stollen made with pancake mix" recipe


Easy-to-make Christmas dessert " Trifle ". Strawberries are a good accent in creams and sponges where you can feel the sweetness. The acidity tightens the whole. A trifle that is very easy to make, but you can enjoy a multi-layered texture and taste. It looks gorgeous, so it's perfect for the last of a luxurious Christmas dinner.

Recipe "Trifle"

Marie biscuit shortcake

Recipe for " Marie Biscuit Shortcake", a cake that makes the long-selling Morinaga Biscuit "Marie" instead of a sponge. Basically, it's easy but cute and exquisite, just by painting and layering. Marie soaked in milk and calmed down has a different face from the usual crisp Marie. With a moist and soft texture, it melts in your mouth with whipped cream.

"Marie Biscuit Shortcake" Recipe