Meiji "Warm ginger gummy yuzu"

From the Meiji autumn / winter limited candy "Warm Ginger" brand, "Warm Ginger Gummy Yuzu" containing ginger extract and yuzu juice will be released. It will be on sale nationwide for a limited time from December 14th. The content is 40g (1.41oz), and the estimated price is 145 yen (tax included).

Warm ginger gummy candy

Warm ginger throat candy is a limited-time candy containing ginger extract with the concept of "gentle and warm taste". It has been handled since 2010 and has been developed as a standard item for autumn and winter.

This time, gummy candies from that brand will appear. It is said that you can enjoy the scent of yuzu and the taste of ginger with a pleasant texture. In order to balance the movement of the mouth when eating and the quick spread of the ginger flavor to the mouth, it is tailored to a moderately elastic and not too hard texture, and the chewing comfort is judged by an objective index. In the Meiji "texture chart" that was made possible, it is set to "3" out of 6 stages. In addition, the package has an orange knit fabric as the background, and a design that feels warmth has been launched.