"Musiame" contains an extract extracted only from male Taiwanese turtles

Bugs Farm, an insect food mail order site, sells candy "Mushiame" that uses an extract extracted only from male lethocerus indicus. Eight pieces are included in one bag, and the price is 300 yen (excluding tax). The calorie is 198 Kcal.


"Tagame" is a typical edible insect that is popularly eaten in Asian countries. The endemic species of Japan have been designated as endangered wild animal and plant species, and their capture and breeding are prohibited. , Stir-fried, pickled, and eaten in various variations.

One of the reasons why it is liked is that it has a “good scent”. Male lethocerus indicus has a scented gland that attracts females, and its scent is described as a very refreshing fruit. Why don't you enjoy the natural sweetness and the odor of turtle, which is popular in the insect food industry. It may be a good gift for those who are interested in insect food.