"Mitsuya Fruit Soda Grapefruit" Limited Reprint Series 6th

Asahi Soft Drinks will release "Mitsuya Fruit Soda Grapefruit" on December 21st. For a limited time. The price is 140 yen (excluding tax) for 500 ml.

Mitsuya Fruit Soda Grapefruit

"Mitsuya Fruit Soda Grapefruit" is a modern reproduction of the taste of grapefruit, which was the first in the "Mitsuya Fruit Soda" series released in 1973, and is a drink that you can enjoy the taste of grapefruit with a gentle sweetness. In addition, it contains vitamin C * equivalent to one grapefruit.

In addition, the "Fruit Quality Manufacturing Method" of the "Mitsuya" brand, which uses "safe and secure polished water" and "fragrance collected from fruits" that have been repeatedly filtered to suppress heat and confine the deliciousness of the fruits. It is finished with. No preservatives are used.

The package has a design reminiscent of the time of 1973, and has a color scheme that stands out even in stores. It emphasizes that it is a limited reproduction, and it is a design that expresses the refreshingness of grapefruit.

* Vitamin C for one grapefruit is about 100 mg. (Edible part equivalent, assuming that the weight of one fruit is 400g (14.11oz))