First Kitchen "3 Kinds of Cheese and 4 Kinds of Mushroom Rich Classic Cheeseburger"

At each First Kitchen store, the new menu "3 types of cheese and 4 types of mushroom rich classic cheeseburger" with the longest brand name in the history of First Kitchen will be on sale from December 9th (excluding some stores). The price is 650 yen.

Rich classic cheeseburger with 3 types of cheese and 4 types of mushrooms

The "Classic Cheeseburger", which has been well received since its launch in February 2020, is a winter-only product that has been "upgraded" by adding 3 types of cheese and 4 types of mushrooms. The essential special cheese sauce is the original, which is a rich cheese sauce blended with three types of mozzarella cheese, goda cheese, and cheddar cheese, and four types of mushrooms, hiratake, mushroom, eringi, and shiitake.

The hamburger has a perfect balance of the aroma of charred soy sauce added to the buns, the taste of kelp soup stock added to the patties, the fragrant flavor of crispy cheddar cheese, and the umami.