Recipe for "Deep-fried tuna cutlet"

Easy is justice! Here are three time-saving recipes that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Deep-fried tuna cutlet", "stir-fried hamburger steak" without kneading meat, "roll cabbage without rolling". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Unfried tuna cutlet

It's a little healthy because it doesn't fry. Introducing the recipe for "Deep- fried tuna cutlet " that is easy to clean up! It goes well with beer, as well as wine and shochu. Fried food is troublesome to cook and clean up, but you can enjoy it easily.

Recipe for "Deep-fried tuna cutlet"

Stir-fried hamburger bowl

I love hamburgers! But it's a hassle to make. A simple recipe for "stir- fried hamburger steak ", which is recommended for such people. It looks shabby but tastes completely hamburger. There is no reason why this doesn't go well with white rice!

Simple recipe for "stir-fried hamburger steak"

Roll cabbage that does not roll

Farcellets are delicious, but it's quite annoying to peel off the cabbage one by one, boil it, and wrap it with meat. This time, I will introduce a recipe for " roll cabbage that does not roll ", which is super easy but delicious! All you have to do is cut the vegetables and knead the meat, then put it in a pot and leave it alone, so it's a menu that you can easily take in even during a busy dinner.

Recipe for "unrolled roll cabbage"