Lipton milk tea

Morinaga Milk Industry will release "Lipton Breast Milk Tea".

Lipton milk tea

"Lipton Milk Tea" is a milk tea that uses "Morinaga Milk Sweetened Milk" in a fragrant black tea carefully selected by the world's tea expert "Lipton". You can feel the gentle sweetness of condensed milk and the richness of milk. The package uses the cow character of "Morinaga Milk Sweetened Milk", Millin.

"Lipton Breast Milk Tea" will be on sale nationwide from December 14th, except Okinawa. Contains 500 ml, and the estimated price is 138 yen (excluding tax). It is available at convenience stores and mass retailers.


The "Lipton" series is a popular beverage brand with a diverse flavor lineup that can be selected according to various moods and scenes. Recently, in addition to the basic flavors of black tea such as lemon tea and milk tea, we have released products using matcha and green tea, and as a world tea expert "Lipton", we have expanded the framework of "black tea" to a wide range of "TEA". We are proposing.