Ministop "Heavy pole! Addictive garlic lunch box"

Ministop will release a new product in the popular volume-based bento series, "Heavy Goku! Addictive Garlic Bento," which has been on sale since March, on December 7. The price is 599 yen (tax included).

Heavy pole! Addictive garlic lunch

The new product released from the "Heavy Goku!" Series, which boasts the largest volume in the history of MINISTOP, is a "garlic" bento box that is attracting attention under the corona. As the name "Addictive Garlic Bento" suggests, garlic is used in all menus to create a "shaken off" product. Developed targeting customers who prefer menus that are voluminous.

Ministop "Heavy pole! Addictive garlic lunch box"

The savory stir-fried garlic pilaf is topped with grilled garlic. The fried chicken has a garlic sauce, the hamburger has a steak sauce with garlic, and the pasta has a peperoncino style. A product that combines volume, deliciousness, and topicality.

A bento that is perfect for when you are busy towards the end of the year and want to eat a lot. Why don't you enjoy garlic to your heart's content at home where you don't mind the smell?