"Apple oyaki" recipe

Here are three simple oyaki-style recipes that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Apple oyaki" "taro oyaki" "meat bun oyaki style". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article.

Apple oyaki

Introducing " Apple Oyaki " made with pancake mix! It has a crispy and chewy texture like Western confectionery like Japanese confectionery and is delicious. Besides apples, you can also wrap bean paste, chocolate, cream cheese, jam, etc. Arranged snacks with a little extra work on the pancake mix, try it in your spare time.

"Apple oyaki" recipe

Taro oyaki

Introducing the recipe for " taro oyaki ". Simply roll the smooth taro and bake it in a frying pan! It is a recommended dish for snacks, side dishes, and sake snacks. It's easy to peel if you steam it in the microwave. The sweet and salty mitarashi-style sauce enhances the umami of the taro, and the chopsticks are so delicious!

Recipe for "taro oyaki"

Nikuman oyaki style

Introducing " Nikuman Oyaki-style " that makes Chinese buns from convenience stores even more delicious, such as meat buns, steamed buns, and pizza buns. Just bake it in a frying pan or an iron plate to make it "baked" and then eat it.

Recipe "Nikuman Oyaki style"