FamilyMart Chinese steamed bun "Mala cheese meat bun"

At FamilyMart, the new product "Mala Cheese Nikuman" from the "Famima Chinese Bun" series will be released on December 7th. The price is 150 yen (tax included).

Mala cheese meat bun

Mala is a well-established Chinese dish that uses Chinese pepper and chili peppers. The unique taste that combines the spiciness of the tongue of Chinese pepper and the spiciness of the tongue of chili peppers has become popular among young people who like spicy gourmet food.

FamilyMart's Chinese steamed bun "Mala cheese meat bun" and "Authentic meat bun"

"Mala Cheese Meat Man" to be released this time is a meat bun that is made by seasoning coarsely ground pork with a spicy sauce made by adding XO sauce to the spiciness of pepper and chili pepper. Pork is a combination of dice-cut meat and minced meat so that you can enjoy a crunchy texture. The rare "golden sun pepper" is used for the pepper.

Three types of cheese are used: mozzarella, gouda, and parmesan. It is finished so that it stretches well and feels delicious. By adding the taste of cheese to the mala taste, you can feel the mellowness in the pungent spiciness, and the taste is lingering. By making the dough of the meat bun black, it has an impactful appearance that contrasts with the red color of the filling.