Ministop "Kaoru Smoke Chicken"

"Kaoru Smoke Chicken" will be on sale from December 3rd at each Ministop store. A special menu perfect for Christmas. The price is 248 yen (tax included, same below).

Kaoru smoked chicken

Smoked chicken that appears from "Yamitsu Kitchen" with the concept of "Once you eat it, you will be addicted to it." It is easier to eat without bones, while maintaining the voluminous feel of eating. Smoked chips made from "pears" and "apples" that have a rich and rich flavor.

"Kaoru Smoke Chicken" is available as a single item, as well as "Gokujou Chicken 2 pieces and Kaoru Smoke Chicken 2 pieces" (896 yen), which is a set with the "Gokujou Chicken" on sale. Reservations are also accepted until December 18th.

Ministop "Kaoru Smoke Chicken"
A set of 2 exquisite chicken and 2 fragrant smoked chicken

Extreme chicken

Ministop "Extreme Chicken"

Ministop's classic chicken with "special spices" that enhances the flavor. The single item price is 248 yen. The "excellent chicken set of 4" is 896 yen.

Ministop "A set of 4 chickens"
A set of 4 chicken