Rokkatei sweets set "December mail order snack shop"
(The source of the image is Rokkatei official website)

It was announced on the official website that Rokkatei's assortment of sweets "December mail order snack shop" has appeared. Contains 21 pieces including Christmas-like sweets. Orders will be accepted until December 19th. The selling price is 3,000 yen (tax included, free shipping, excluding Okinawa Prefecture).

December mail order snack shop

December mail order The snack shop has a chocolate-covered cake "Choco Square" with cocoa sponge and mocha sponge layered on top of each other as a special item, as well as Italian-born Christmas bread confectionery made by mixing dried fruits with the dough. "Panettone" is also packed. In addition, Strawberry Chocolate White and White Chocolate will be available in a Christmas package. It is housed in a floral box along with popular standard items.

The details of the contents are as follows. The numbers in parentheses are the shelf life after arrival.

・ Chocolate Square x 1 (2 days)
・ Marusei butter sand x 6 (9-10 days)
・ Panettone x 1 (10-11 days)
・ Christmas white chocolate x 2 (about 120 days)
・ Christmas Strawberry Chocolate White 60g (2.12oz) x 1 bag (about 30 days)
・ Marusei caramel x 2 bags (about 20 days)
・ Large Plain x 2 (14 to 15 days)
・ Snow and Konko x 2 (about 20 days)
・ Marusei butter cake x 2 (14 to 15 days)
・ Frost fold x 2 (14 to 15 days)

Please note that the delivery address is limited to your home, and you cannot deliver it with other items or bundle it in a bag. It is not packaged and the assortment is subject to change without notice. Rokkatei points are not eligible. Resale, resale and other commercial purchases are not permitted.