Rokkatei "Kano" "Nawame pattern"
(All images are from Rokkatei official website)

It was announced on the official website that two types of new sweets from Rokkatei, "Kano" and "Nawame pattern", have appeared. It can be purchased at all stores and the official online shop.


Rokkatei "Kano" "Nawame pattern"

"Kano" is a confectionery named after Hamanashi, a summer flower that represents Hokkaido, which once grew in clusters on Omorihama facing the Tsugaru Straits. Made as a spicy milk chocolate with roasted chopped almonds. The song by Takuboku Ishikawa, "The roses on the beach in the sandy mountains on the north beach that tides, will bloom again this year" is introduced. The selling price is 90 yen per piece (tax included, same below).

Nawame pattern

Rokkatei "Kano" "Nawame pattern"

"Nawame pattern" is a confectionery named after "Hokkaido / Northeastern Jomon archaeological site" which was registered as a world cultural heritage in July 2021. It is a moon cake with a rope pattern as a motif and a pattern with six arranged. Wrapped sesame paste with walnuts. The selling price is 110 yen per piece.

A separate shipping fee will be charged when using the official online shop. For orders from 5,000 yen to 6,999 yen, the room temperature shipping fee will be discounted by 200 yen (100 yen discount for Hokkaido), and for orders over 7,000 yen, the room temperature shipping fee will be free (1,300 yen for Okinawa prefecture).