FamilyMart "Berry Berry Soup Supervision Cheese and Hamburger Tomato Soup"

At FamilyMart, a new product "Berry Berry Soup Supervised Cheese and Hamburger Tomato Soup" supervised by the soup specialty store "Berry Berry Soup" will be released on December 7th. The price is 398 yen (tax included).

Supervised by berry berry soup Cheese and hamburger tomato soup

The cold soup supervised by "Berry Berry Soup", which was developed in the summer season, was very popular for its rich taste that blended in with the deliciousness of the ingredients. This is the first collaboration with "Berry Berry Soup" in a warm soup. A warm tomato soup perfect for winter lunches and light meals.

FamilyMart "Berry Berry Soup Supervision Cheese and Hamburger Tomato Soup"

The image is the restaurant's signature menu, "Umatoma Stewed Cheeseberg." The tomato soup, which gives you the taste of stir-fried vegetables, is combined with hamburger and cheese to create a delicious soup. The richness of the topping cheese and the refreshing acidity of the lemon slices accentuate the taste.

Berry berry soup

Berry Berry Soup is developed as a franchise chain specializing in soup from Shinshu, which is rich in nature. With the catchphrase "Happiness starts from a cup of soup," we are developing soups that are conscious of beauty and health, considering nutritional balance.