Suntory Spirits "-196 ℃ Strong Zero [Double Pineapple]"

" -196 ℃ Strong Zero [Double Pineapple] " will be released as a limited-time canned chu-hi of Suntory Spirits. It will be sold nationwide from February 22, 2022. 350 ml cans and 500 ml cans are available, and the estimated prices are 141 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below) and 191 yen, respectively.

-196 ℃ Strong Zero [Double Pineapple]

A popular flavor of "-196 ℃ Strong Zero" that is being developed as a canned chu-hi that goes well with meals. Last time, it was handled for a limited time from June 2021, but it will be sold again from February 2022.

It has a firm mouthfeel and fruit taste, and is characterized by "zero purine" when the amount of purine is less than 0.5 mg per 100 ml and "zero sugar" when the amount of sugar is less than 0.5 g per 100 ml. Suntory Spirits' "-196 ° C (384.8 ° F) manufacturing method" added fruit juice to the pineapple soaked liquor, giving it a sweet and sour fruity feel. A powerful drink with an alcohol content of 9%. Illustrations of moving fruits are drawn on the package, and the content "whole pineapple fruit feeling" is expressed.