Ministop "Topvalu Yuzu Shio Ramen"

At each Ministop store, "Top Valu Yuzu Shio Ramen" supervised by Hiroto Nakamura, the owner of "AFURI Sohonten ZUND-BAR", a ramen specialty store in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture, is on sale from November 30th. The price is 537 yen (tax included).

TOPVALU Yuzu Shio Ramen

"Top Valu Yuzu Shio Ramen" is a special product that reproduces the golden light soup of "Yuzu Shio Ramen", which is a popular menu of the shop, and the chewy thin noodles with range noodles. AFURI's special 24th fine noodles, which are made by mixing whole grain flour and rye with wheat, are used.

Ministop "Topvalu Yuzu Shio Ramen"

The soup is a carefully extracted fish and shellfish such as chicken broth, flavored vegetables, and kelp and dried bonito flakes. Finish with tantalizing and flavorful AFURI oil using green onions, garlic and ginger. Ramen with a refreshing scent of yuzu and a refreshing aftertaste.

AFURI head office ZUND-BAR

A ramen specialty store in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture. The soup is prepared with pure natural water that springs from the foot of Mt. Oyama (commonly known as Afuriyama) located at the eastern end of the Tanzawa Mountains in Kanagawa Prefecture.