Thirty One "Opera The Symphony"

Thirty One Ice Cream will release the recommended flavor "Opera The Symphony" in December for a limited time. A flavor inspired by the popular French-born cake "opera".

Opera The Symphony

"Opera The Symphony" is a rich ice cream that you want to enjoy slowly in a warm room during the Christmas season. It will be on sale from December 1st.

A flavor inspired by the popular French-born cake "opera". The coffee-flavored chocolate ice cream is mixed with chocolate chunks that have the image of a crispy texture on the surface of the cake. In addition, almond-scented biscuit-flavored ice cream is combined with a bittersweet coffee-flavored confectionery that resembles a cake sponge. The name comes from the fact that each of them is intertwined and when you eat a bite, it looks like a "symphony".

The reference price for "Opera The Symphony" is 390 yen for a single regular size (tax included, price varies depending on the store). For a limited time, it will end as soon as it runs out.