Cafe de Clie "Snow White Mont Blanc"

At each Cafe de Clie store, drink menu "Sol Beige THE Strawberry" "Sol Beige THE Matcha" "Melting Strawberry Earl Greaty-with Strawberry Fruit", dessert menu "Snow White Mont Blanc", food menu "Pasta Honzuwai Crab" "Tomato Cream" and "Pasta Bolognese-Demigrass Sauce Tailoring-" will be on sale from December 2nd.

Sol Beige THE Strawberry

Cafe de Clie "Sol Beige THE Strawberry"

A frozen drink that is perfect for the gorgeous holiday season, with pure white milk-based sol beige combined with bright red strawberry pulp and puree. Strawberry pulp and puree are also used on the top, topped with freeze-dried strawberries. The sweet and sour taste of strawberries and the gentle sweetness of milk, sol beige, go well together, and you can truly enjoy the taste of "strawberry". The price is 530 yen.

Sol Beige THE Matcha

Cafe de Clie "Sol Beige THE Matcha"

A frozen drink that combines milk-based sol beige with "Matcha in the sky" from Shizuoka prefecture in the image of Christmas. The top surface is topped with white chocolate flakes that resemble the falling snow. "Tenku no Matcha" uses tea leaves cultivated in "Tenku no Okacha Tea Garden", which is also called a high-quality tea producing area in Shizuoka Prefecture. You can feel the natural taste and sweetness with a rich scent. Matcha is prepared in the form of a sauce in the store, so you can feel the fresh aroma and umami of matcha every time you drink, and you can enjoy the texture of white chocolate flakes. The price is 530 yen.

Melting strawberry Earl Gray tea-with strawberry pulp-

Cafe de Clie "Melting Strawberry Earl Gray Tea with Strawberry Flesh"

A fruity hot drink made by melting strawberry puree into the original Earl Gray tea with the gorgeous aroma of bergamot and the taste of rich black tea, and adding crushed strawberry pulp. The strawberry pulp and puree gradually melt into Earl Gray tea, and you can enjoy the unified taste of strawberry and black tea. The price is 450 yen.

Snow White Mont Blanc

Cafe de Clie "Snow White Mont Blanc"

Limited quantity cake with the image of white Christmas. A chocolate cream with a low sweetness is placed on a cocoa sponge, and the white chocolate Mont Blanc cream is squeezed to finish. A special tailoring only for this season, with white chocolate and a chocolate plate with a Christmas message topped on the top. You can enjoy the milky taste of white chocolate. The price is 460 yen. Limited quantity sale until December 25th.

Pasta book snow crab tomato cream

Cafe de Clie "Pasta Book Snow Crab Tomato Cream"

Winter-only pasta made with this snow crab. The creamy tomato sauce with a slightly sour tomato goes well with this snow crab, and you can feel the taste of the crab firmly. The price starts from 840 yen. It is also possible to change to "Fettuccine noodles" with 50% off sugar for +110 yen.

Pasta Bolognese-Demi-glace sauce tailoring-

Cafe de Clie "Pasta Bolognese-Demi-glace sauce tailoring-"

Original meat sauce pasta made by adding demiglace sauce and red wine to beef and pork aibiki meat, saute onion, and tomato paste and simmering them slowly, and adding the sweetness of honey to the secret flavor. You can enjoy a mellow taste by adding the topping "poached egg" (+90 yen). The price starts from 740 yen. It is also possible to change to "Fettuccine noodles" with 50% off sugar for +110 yen.