Calbee "Winter Potato Powdered Snow Salt Flavor" "Winter Potato Powdered Snow Cheese Flavor"

Calbee will sell winter limited potato chips "Winter Potato Powdered Snow Salt Flavor" and "Winter Potato Powdered Snow Cheese Flavor" from November 29th. The estimated price is around 155 yen each (tax included). Scheduled to be sold out in late February 2022.

Winter potatoes

"Winter potatoes" are winter-only potato chips made from Hokkaido potatoes, which are thickly sliced but have a light and crispy texture. It first appeared in 2019 as a "seasonal thick-sliced series" following "A la potato (autumn)", "summer potato" and "spring potato", and has been well received.

It features a "mogul cut" that pursues potato chips that suit winter. Mogul skiing means "hump", and by cutting it so that it has large uneven bumps, it has a crispy texture and a soft mouthfeel that is typical of winter. In addition, a survey by the Japan Acoustic Research Institute found that the sound of eating "winter potatoes" resembles the sound of stepping on fresh snow, making it a perfect product for the cold season.

This year's flavor retains the popular "powdered snow salt flavor", while the "powdered snow cheese flavor" enhances the aroma of cheese to match the texture of "winter potato". Furthermore, the taste has been improved so that the taste of cheese can be felt.

Winter potato powder snow salt flavor

Calbee "Winter Potato Powder Snow Salt Flavor"

"Powdered Snow Salt Flavor" is a potato chip that is seasoned with salt that is as smooth as powdered snow and has a simple and simple taste that makes the best use of the deliciousness and texture of potatoes.

Winter potato powdered snow cheese flavor

Calbee "Winter Potato Powdered Snow Cheese Flavor"

"Powdered Snow Cheese Flavor" is a potato chip that is sprinkled with three types of cheese, Camembert, cheddar, and gouda, like powdered snow, and has a rich and rich taste that matches the taste and texture of potatoes.