Italian tomato "Amaou Granita" "Hot Amaou" "Hot Amaou Nade"

"Amaou Granita," "Hot Amaou," and "Hot Amaou Nade" are now available as drink menus from Italian tomatoes for a limited time. It will be handled from November 25, 2021 to January 26, 2022.

Amaou Granita

"Amaou Granita" is made from the rich sweetness and flesh of Amaou strawberries produced in Fukuoka prefecture, and is finished as an Italian classic frozen dessert "Granita" featuring slightly coarse ice pellets.

You can feel plenty of flesh from the first bite, and it is announced that you can enjoy it with hop cream with Amaou sauce. The selling price is 550 yen for regular size (tax included, same below) and 650 yen for large size.

Hot strawberry

"Hot Amaou" is a hot drink that combines Fukuoka Prefecture's Amaou and rich milk. It is said to have a mellow and milky taste that enhances the sweetness of Amaou and is combined with whipped cream that melts in the mouth. The price is 530 yen for regular size and 630 yen for large size.

Hot Amaou Nade

"Hot Amaou Nade" is a hot drink made by combining Amaou from Fukuoka prefecture with lemon and honey so that you can enjoy the refreshing sweetness. It is said that the sweetness and sourness of lemon and the gentle sweetness of honey complement each other. The selling price is 480 yen for regular size and 580 yen for large size.

Available stores are "Italian Tomato Cafe Junior", "Italian Tomato Cafe", "Italian Tomato Cafe Junior Plus", "Caffe Italian Tomato", "Cafe Superiore", "Caffe Vigore", and "Kurami Coffee". However, some stores are excluded.