Sushiro "New rich tuna soy sauce ramen" "New sea bream dashi salt ramen" "New rich shrimp miso wonton noodles"

Three types of Sushiro's classic ramen have been renewed. From November 26th, "New Rich Tuna Soup Ramen," "New Taidashi Shio Ramen," and "New Rich Shrimp Miso Wonton Noodles," which have become "triple soups" by adding new flavors to each soup. It will be sold at each store (pre-sale at some stores).

Sushiro's ramen includes "Taidashi Shio Ramen" which appeared in December 2015 as the first "Sushiya Ramen", "Thick Ebi Miso Ramen" which is made from the head of sweet soup stock, and Maguro Kama. "Kokumi Maguro Soy Sauce Ramen" with soup stock is now available. In November 2018, each of the three standard ramen was further combined with the flavor of seafood to create a "double soup," which has become a popular product with cumulative sales of over 19 million cups in about two years.

This time, it is re-appearing as a "triple soup" with animal flavor added to these three popular ramen types. It will be renewed and released as a "new sushi restaurant ramen" that pursues even more deliciousness.

New rich tuna soy sauce ramen

Sushiro "New Rich Tuna Soy Sauce Ramen"

Based on the soup made by boiling tuna sickle, the taste of mackerel has been added, and this time it has evolved into a triple soup with the addition of "the taste of beef". Even in the rich umami of beef, it is made into an elegant soup that feels the light taste of tuna and mackerel seafood. In addition, the tuna cutlet fried in the store as a topping is intentionally used because it has many streaks that overflow with juicy flavor when heated. The price is 363 yen (tax included, same below).

New sea bream dashi salt ramen

Sushiro "New Sea Bream Dashi Shio Ramen"

The most popular of Sushiro's classic ramen, "Taidashi Shio Ramen," is a triple soup with a new "chicken flavor" added to the base of the soup made by boiling the ara of the snapper. evolution. The taste of clams suppresses miscellaneous taste, and you can enjoy the rich and deep taste of sea bream. In addition, fried sea bream fried in the store is served as a topping. The price is 363 yen.

New rich shrimp miso wonton noodles

Sushiro "New Rich Shrimp Miso Wonton Noodles"

Based on the soup taken from the head of sweet shrimp, a vegetable soup with flavored vegetables is added, and this time it has evolved into a triple soup with the addition of "pork flavor". Multiple miso are blended to create a rich and creamy taste so as not to lose the rich taste of shrimp. In addition, it is topped with shrimp wonton and spicy shrimp sauce (shrimp jean), and you can enjoy a deeper taste by melting the shrimp sauce and eating it. The price is 363 yen.

* Items and prices may differ at some stores.
* The toppings of "New Taidashi Shio Ramen" and "New Koku Tuna Shoyu Ramen" are different at some stores.
* Neither ramen is eligible for take-out.