Boiled Taro "Octopus Tenmai Mushroom Soba" "Octopus Bowl Set" etc. "Winter Octopus Festival"

Boiled Taro Winter Octopus Festival

It was announced on the official website that the "Winter Octopus Festival" will be held at Yudetaro. Two types of "Octopus Tenmai Mushroom Soba" and "Octopus Ball Bowl Set" will be available from December 1st. In addition, "Spicy green onion meat soba", which was popular the previous year, will also reappear.

Octopus Tenmai Mushroom Soba

"Tako Tenmai Mushroom Soba" is a volume-oriented menu with the scent of dried shrimp. You can enjoy two types of toppings. It features a crispy texture, and the selling price is 590 yen (tax included, the same applies below).

Octopus bowl set

The "Octopus bowl set" is a dish of fried octopus that is bound with eggs and the rice goes on. The selling price is 690 yen.

Spicy green onion soba

"Spicy green onion soba" is a combination of chili oil, green onion and pork. The selling price is 550 yen.

In both cases, To go is possible in addition to eat-in. Yudetaro has two stores, "Shinetsu Foods" and "Yudetaro System", and this menu was announced by Shinetsu Foods. You can check which store is closest to you from the official website.