Lotteria "Otegorotteria Christmas" Campaign

The "Otegorotteria Christmas" campaign will be held in Lotteria from December 2nd to December 19th (excluding some stores).

Otegoro Terrier Christmas

A coupon plan where you can enjoy 3 side menu products using chicken and cheese that are perfect for the Christmas season at a great price at all times. When you present the target coupon on the Lotteria official website at the time of ordering, you can get "Nobiru Cheese Stick (2 pieces)" for 180 yen, "Chicken Karaage (3 pieces)" for 140 yen, and "Big Chicken Nugget (Big Chicken Nugget)". 2 pieces) ”can be purchased at a great price of 200 yen. * Price is 10% tax included, same below

Nobiru Cheese Stick (2 pieces)

The outside is crispy, and the inside is characterized by thick cheese that stretches. 100% mozzarella cheese is trapped in a batter seasoned with garlic powder or onion powder. The regular price is 209 yen, but 180 yen.

Lotteria "Nobiru Cheese Stick (2 bottles)"

Fried chicken (3 pieces)

Chicken seasoned with salty sauce so that it can be eaten as it is, with reference to the taste of fried chicken. The regular price is 165 yen, but 140 yen.

Lotteria "Chicken Karaage (3 pieces)"

Big chicken nuggets (2 pieces)

Simply season the ground chicken breast with ginger, garlic, etc. Lotteria's original batter, which is a fusion of karaage and tatsutaage, has a juicy inside and a crispy outside. The regular price is 280 yen, but 200 yen.

Lotteria "Big Chicken Nugget (2 Pieces)"