Myojo Foods "Myojo Noodles and Soup Only Jet Black Mar Oil Pork Bone Ramen"

"Myojo Noodles and Soup Only Jet Black Mar Oil Pork Bone Ramen" will be released as a cup ramen from Myojo Foods. It will be on sale nationwide on December 20th. The content is 112g, the amount of noodles is 65g, and the estimated price is 230 yen (excluding tax).

Myojo noodles and soup only Jet black mar oil pork bone ramen

Based on the fact that "Myojo Noodles and Soup Only Golden Chicken Oil (Ogon Chiyu) Chinese Soba", which was launched in March, received high praise, the "Myojo Noodles and Soup Only" series that you can't dare to put in ingredients A new flavor was created as the second installment of. It is guided as a deep and rich tonkotsu ramen suitable for the cold season.

Extra-fine non-fried noodles with firm hardness and crisp crunchy texture created by Myojo's original noodle making technology were used. In addition, a white soup that combines a powdered soup that uses five types of pork extract and a liquid soup that is characterized by the delicious taste of black pork extract, and the jet-black mar oil with a scent of garlic spreads on the surface, giving it an appearance and aroma. It is made to be full of appetite.