Meiji "Fruit Juice Gummy Green Apple"

From the Meiji "Fruit Juice Gumi" brand, "Fruit Juice Gumi Green Apple", where you can enjoy the fruity taste of green apples, will reappear. It will be sold nationwide for a limited time from November 30th. The content is 47g and the estimated price is 105 yen (tax included).

Meiji Fruit Juice Gummy Green Apple

Fruit juice gummy is a gummy candy that does not use coloring agents and has a pleasant elastic texture, and is a long-selling brand released in 1988. Fruit juice gummy green apple is a flavor that appeared in 2020 and gained popularity, but it will be handled again in 2021. It is said to be the most popular in the "Taste Survey" of fruit juice gummy. It is made to contain about 6.8g, which is equivalent to 100% of the product weight when converted to fresh juice from 7.0 times concentrated green apple juice.

In addition, a texture chart has been added to the package from this time, and you can now select based on your favorite texture. In order to be able to judge the chewing comfort with an objective index, the three indexes of "human sense", "force received during chewing", and "ease of chewing" are comprehensively evaluated, and the chewing response of the gummy is 6 It is shown in stages. Fruit juice gummy green apple has a crisp, chewy and elastic texture, and is set in the texture chart 2.