Umoto "Bush Donoel Bread"

"Bush Donoel bread" will be released from Sakimoto. The dough was rolled up so that the cross section looked like a stump, and the image of one of the Christmas cakes, "Bush Donoel". One loaf size will be available from December 1st to 31st, and 4-cut size "28mm style" will be available from December 17th to 25th. The selling price is 1,200 yen (tax included, same below) and 500 yen, respectively.

Bush donoel bread

Umoto "Bush Donoel Bread"

The dough, which is a combination of North American wheat, honey and Hokkaido cream, was divided into two parts, and a strong scented cocoa powder and a dark black cocoa powder were mixed into each. In addition, the two doughs are rolled into a marble shape to express the annual rings of the stump.

The top is decorated with chocolate mixed with fragrant freeze-dried strawberries. In addition, the dough is a mixture of three types of rich, crispy chocolate: green tea, red strawberry, and white, which are reminiscent of Christmas.

Arrangements such as "marshmallow chocolate toast" are recommended, in which marshmallows are lined up on thickly sliced bread and baked.